Our Team- Head Tanners

Tonya Wheatfall

Tonya Wheatfall is a current Figure Professional in the IFBB organization. She has been involved in the bodybuilding industry since 2014 when she competed in her first competition and has been an ambassador of the sport ever since. Beyond her first show, Tonya possesses such accolades as obtaining Professional status in 2016 and competing in Mr. Olympia the following year. 


Tonya joined team Flawless Team in 2016 as an athlete and tanner. She is excited to continue to work with the team that only provides the best, most professional services in the industry! 

Janard Lee

Janard Lee is a current Nationally Ranked Men's Physique Competitor and Fitness Enthusiast who understands what a great tan can do for your physique. He prides himself in making sure every athlete looks their complete best on stage.

Janard joined the Flawless Team in 2016 as an athlete and tanner and has worked at various IFBB and NPC shows including the Mexico Supershow.

Amanda carr

Amanda is a current IFBB figure pro and has been in the fitness industry since 2011. Amanda has been a tanner for the NPC and IFBB since 2012, Tanning 4 of those years as an Olympia head tanner. 

Amanda joined Team Flawless in 2015 as an athlete, now joining their team as a tanner after a 2 year hiatus, and excited to work with the team that has provided the best service in the industry 

Aaron Jaguar

Aaron is a Men's Physique, Fitness Enthusiast, Actor and Model from Mexico. He keeps the tanning room fun with his high energy and attention to detail.


Aaron joined Team Flawless in 2016 and is excited to continue to bring athletes the best service!







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